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Re: Denim & Co Beach Pants (A474689)



Could very well be, it is going on 3 years for me too, I cannot believe how durable these beach pants are, the black one's can be dressed up or down IMO, I agree much too nice to wear to the beach.  I am so glad I purchased another pair for the price that was offered.  

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Re: Denim & Co Beach Pants (A474689)

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So, I always seem to miss out on the beach pants. I am only 5' tall so definately need Petite length.  I ordered the solid navy in these as it was available and most of my suits are prints anyway.  They fit perfectly in my usual size, Petite Small, and the fabric is light and airy.  I like them but they are overpriced.  I am keeping them anyway because beach pants in my size are hard to find.  I just noticed they were reduced to $39.05 and called for a price drop credit.