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Dear Webmaster, I'm afraid

To: The powers that be

From: Long time QVC poster

I am a long time QVC poster on many of the Communities and I feel afraid to post here much longer. I am an older and retired woman and I use these forums for company. Lately there have been so many fights, name callings and verbal threats. They have been directed towards me and others. I usually can ignore them or stop posting for a few weeks. Since the holidays, a few posters have badgered me and other ladies in my condition. They even have a board ( where they escalate the bullying and make threats against me and others. I love QVC and the community and I don't want to lose it or my friends. Can you please tighten your software security and really take note of those who mock us? The last two days have especially been hard because of what happened in Arizona, I'm afraid the same thing could happen to me because the bullies have racheted up their tactics. PLEASE, PLEASE help. {#emotions_dlg.crying}