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I don't watch David, but did catch him on Garden Day. He looks fabulous as he was on his way to obesity.

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So tired of David’s health journey. Hundreds of thousands of people lose weight all the time. Nice that he is taking his health seriously now, but we do not have to hear about it every time he is on. Hosting a food show and making someone else taste the food is weird. I guess he thinks it is OK for Steve to gain weight. I much prefer Steve as a host anyway. Maybe David needs to sell other things. When Bob Bowersox hosted it was really kitchen/ cooking show. Do not remember him stuffing his face like David did when he took over.
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Re: David's Health Journey

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QVC is milking his journey to death.  Sorry, I am happy for him and wish him well, but I have heard enough about it.  I come to qvc to shop, not get involved in the hosts personal business.  You know that low fat low carb cookbook will be a big moneymaker for them.  I can't believe viewers buy anything with his name on it.  There are about a thousand cookbooks out there for the type of eating plan he is on.  In the end, its all about the almighty dollar.