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Re: David doesn't eat seafood?!?!?

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I love salmon and catfish. Good for you , too.

Fry in peanut oil a piece of catfish breaded in cornmeal put on bun with Kraft miracle whip, salt and pepper to taste.   That's fine eating.


Buy salmon , saute in I can't believe it's not butter (butter if it's no problem) just a tad of fake butter I got high cholesterol, but, taking pill for it. LOL


Brown it not like they do in fancy restaurants it's raw

just lightly brown.  Really good and good for you.


I'm not Catholic by the way.



My dad was from the South and we had our share of catfish absolutely loved it.  And we're Catholic so had our fair share of all kinds of fish growing up.

Even if not Catholic would still like catfish haha.


Both my parents were from the south.  I remember my mom putting shrimp in stuff and I hated it I would pick it out.  Then my dad would make gumbo and I never ate it because it always had seafood in it.  However he was good at making it I can remember people asking him to make gumbo for them.  Smiley Happy

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Re: David doesn't eat seafood?!?!?

@TheMemphisVette ...........There is no issue.  Some just want to make one so they did.

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Re: David doesn't eat seafood?!?!?

For someone that doesn't eat seafood, doesn't eat shrimp, doesn't like lobster David sure has at least 18 recipes posted that contain all kinds of seafood including the ones he is alleged to not eat, especially shrimp.


I have one of his early cookbooks and it has a chapter of seafood recipes that includes shrimp and lobster.


Perhaps he is avoiding shrimp and other foods for health reasons.

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Re: David doesn't eat seafood?!?!?

i never eat sea food.  Most people I've met have been horrified when I told them that.  I don't understand the big deal.  It's like the worst thing in the world to not eat shrimp, lobster, crabs, etc. I can't even stand the smell of sea food cooking.