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Re: David doesn't eat seafood?!?!?

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Re: David doesn't eat seafood?!?!?

I saw a bit of the show yesterday.  Hard to miss a presentation of the salmon TSV because it got so much air time.  You could tell that he does not like salmon at all.  It was hard to watch him attempt to chew it and swallow.  He held the salmon in his mouth because he was talking at the same time.  I remember years ago that they would have the sidekick host have a strong presence during the seafood presentation and he would eventually leave to get ready for the next item.  His excitement for a seafood tsv does not appear to be authentic. 

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Re: David doesn't eat seafood?!?!?


No big deal. Everyone has some food they don't like.


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Re: David doesn't eat seafood?!?!?

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Hey!!! I just had an idea for a Q promotion to boost viewership and sales!!!


Let's have David sit in a chair, tied to the armrests, and ALL his recent acolytes who he "trained" for a future in silly salesmanship....can feed him bits and pieces of:


Brussels sprouts






Rare squeezie meat  (Ray Rastelli can be the vendor...special cows and all that!!!!)




St Clair Sides


Breads, Cookies, Candy and Coffee Cakes ( But ALL these must be smushed between fingertips, close up please, BEFORE he eats them...Squeeze the stuffing out of them!!)


Mark Charles can stand just off camera, armed with a few of his portable rubber sinks ( with bottom stoppers!!!) and that gimmicky broom that has only a silicone order to clean up any "messes" from over indulgence!!!


Or rmaybe one of those Bissell Wet-Glop-Picker-Upper Combo Vac/Mop things....(just spend a half hour cleaning up a little mess you could do in five seconds with a paper towel!!!)


Make David wear a Sherpa Shacket while he does it....!!!!


I'll tune in!!!!



( I think I hit all the foods David "hates"!!!)


And in case anyone's hair is on fire.... This......Is......Sarcasm!!!! ( Said in David cadence...)


(albeit Extraordinary!!!!)

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Re: David doesn't eat seafood?!?!?

I love seafood , especially shrimp and lobster , would eat it every day if I could .  My husband won't touch it ,  and says It smells like it needs a bath 🛀😂🤣

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Re: David doesn't eat seafood?!?!?

@mezziestar 😆 "Mr. Diet" so funny! He actually had a bite of a Juniors strawberry cheesecake tonight 😉!
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Re: David doesn't eat seafood?!?!?

For everyone complaining about David not liking / eating certain seafood / fish

why don't you extend your outrage to Rachel B who also does not like / eat seafood / fish?   And she hosts Gourmet Holiday shows.   She seems to get a pass at even being around it.

Comments?  Reciprocity?   

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Re: David doesn't eat seafood?!?!?



i just don't see what the issue is here

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Re: David doesn't eat seafood?!?!?

@SharkE wrote:

I love salmon and catfish. Good for you , too.

Fry in peanut oil a piece of catfish breaded in cornmeal put on bun with Kraft miracle whip, salt and pepper to taste.   That's fine eating.


Buy salmon , saute in I can't believe it's not butter (butter if it's no problem) just a tad of fake butter I got high cholesterol, but, taking pill for it. LOL


Brown it not like they do in fancy restaurants it's raw

just lightly brown.  Really good and good for you.


I'm not Catholic by the way.



My dad was from the South and we had our share of catfish absolutely loved it.  And we're Catholic so had our fair share of all kinds of fish growing up.

Even if not Catholic would still like catfish haha.


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Re: David doesn't eat seafood?!?!?

I am surprised he can do a seafood show.  I would not be able to.  He probably should let someone who enjoys seafood do the shows.  But I never watch cooking shows except on a cooking channel.  Cooking shows on shopping channels do not interest me.  I do remember David over acting when he did taste something he liked lol.  This was a few years ago.