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I know it was mentioned here already but I could not find the posting.  Dave is looking better and better every time I see him with his weight loss.  I also like that he is letting some gray appear on the sides instead of the all black hair that used to look like he used dye and it was not becoming.  He is looking great!  I also noticed that on today's  Isaac show, he has also lost some weight.  Congrats guys!  I hope that down the line David will finally come out with a "healthy" cookbook and not the ones he usually writes with tons of butter and bacon (kind of like Paula Dean). 

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I am not a regular watcher of David's cooking/home shows but I did catch a glimpse.  And I did think-- boy he is losing weight.  


Good for anyone trying to improve their health.  Getting to, maintaining and being a healthy weight is not always easy, but it is so worth it!!!

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I LOVE me some David, and wish him much success on his wellness journey.😊



~~~All we need is LOVE💖

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The question about David Dying his hair comes up occasionally on Coffee Talk, he insists he doesn't.  He also talks about going to the gym, eating healthier, eating less and not eating late at night which can be difficult with some of the hours he keeps. 


I agree he looks fabulous and I am so happy he is going down this road.