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Re: Dan's dogs

I also don’t believe everything Dan says
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Re: Dan's dogs

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My dog cleaner than some kids .   She is groomed, brushed and paws washed after walks.  Also doesn,t shed

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Re: Dan's dogs

I love seeing Dan's dogs. I am a germ/cleaning "nut" but the dogs are our "kids". I don't go crazy with cleaning every day. I can tell you that our dogs know to sit on the rug and have their paws wiped where as our adult children forget to wipe their feet. 

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Re: Dan's dogs

@Pook wrote:

@Teamdean67  Nothing wrong with . . .

  A woman I used to work with would scrub her hands until they were red and would not touch door knobs or anyone with her bare hands but yet her shoes were often filthy and she would wear the same clothers a few days in a row and once said she does not wash clothing after only wearing them a few times. 


     Good examples of the selectivity that can manifest, @Pook .

Not sure where OP is heading with this.

It's this about Dan's non-literal use of a word?

Does OP consider dogs to be especially germ-laden?

She didn't go to OCD, posters did.

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Re: Dan's dogs

People who don't have indoor pets rarely understand.  However, I understand your question.  I have a cat and a long time ago, had four in the house.  I prefer one now because it's a lot easier to keep things clean and neat..  However, I love my cat with all my heart and take care of her the way anyone would a child who makes a mess.  The world is not perfect.  However, here is the weird thing.  Although I love all animals, I'd never have a bird in my house because I can't stand the mess most birds create.  So we all have our preferences.  And as far as OCD, for some people that means order to the extreme.  I color code my clothes in one of my closets, but I just think it's a great way to organize my items.  I like pictures that hang straight on the wall and can easily notice when something is crooked.  I like order, but I've come to accept that others live differently and as long as I don't have to live there, then so what?  By the way, as others have expressed, there are germs everywhere and gerrmaphobes often forget that.  Think of what you touch in a grocery store that dozens of people have touched before you.  Forget the cart.  I'm thinking just the food items alone have been exposed to all of our germs in some way. AND we all survive. 

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Re: Dan's dogs

That depends on the germs.  All of us should be somewhat germophobic of the most dangerous germs...being careful when we touch things outside of the home. Cooking and washing food properly.  


Dogs aren't known to be carriers of dangerous germs or many people would be sick all the time, not that they couldn't pick something up somewhere. 


I wonder what Dan means when he uses that word.  Germs are everywhere even on those farm animals he has.  


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Re: Dan's dogs

Being a clean freak or a good organizer (just two examples) does not make one a sufferer of OCD. Perhaps it's a spectrum.


Those with OCD are not actually interested in cleaning or organizing, etc.; they do it to an extreme because they can't control their impulses to do so. Often, they also suffer from other psychological or emotional problems (depression, for example).


IMO, it's a disturbed way to calm themselves and to exert control when they feel they don't have any.

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Re: Dan's dogs

@Pook Howie Mandel has OCD.  That goes beyond being a germaphobe.  I am a germaphobe and think everyone should be one.  I do not have OCD, but my son has OCD.  There is a huge difference.  Poor Howie has it worse than germaphobia.  It is a miserable way to live.  



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Re: Dan's dogs

This post has been removed by QVC - name calling

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Re: Dan's dogs

@Teamdean67 wrote:
Okay, I know this is going to be a very unpopular statement. Sorry for all you dog lovers out there oh, but this is just my opinion. I just don't understand how Dan can be a germaphobe, and have four dogs inside his house.

Maybe he is not really a germophobe and this is just his long standing sales technique.  Or it could be that a germophobe is different than a neat freak.  Dogs do bring in a lot of dirt from the outside, and they do shed.  So maybe that does not bother him.  If he truly is a germophobe, I would imagine that he would not let his dogs lick his face.  Has anyone ever seen his dogs lick him?  I don't watch him enough to know, or know if and when his dogs were on with him last.

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