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I think she knew it was ill fitting, she flashed her black spanx at least 3 times during the presentation, I felt sort of bad for her. Shawn on the other hand looked adorable in it.

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Was happy to see that it was black spanx she was wearing.

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Re: Cuddle Duds Romper

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@J woww wrote:
I loved the pattern on Shawn but hers sold out so fast. Poor Cary. She seems like a lovely friendly person. I snagged two of the CD wild palm maxi dresses after seeing how they fit on her and love them. But I am getting tired of the silly CD sets with the giraffes, bananas, etc. I took a chance on the Micaela jogger set, the one that was the daily deal, and wow! it felt like actual adult grown-up pajamas. I’m done with the cutesy prints.


@J woww  The romper Shawn was wearing in the tribal print is the same print that was also available in this CD pj set I have - A392673 - sadly it is currently sold out, but Courtney is wearing it in the video.


I also steer clear of cutsy prints. I tend to gravitate to those with ditsy flowers and mosaic type of prints. I have the navy tie-dye & black mosaic of this set - A302380 - and 2 more sets from last year's color/designs...royal blue plaid and a pink floral.


I recommend A373503 - I have several sets...


I have a few others, but hopefully you get the idea Smiley Happy