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Corky's of Memphis

DH and I have been wondering what happened to the man who used to sell Corky's ribs. I think his name was Robert.  We thought he was the original Corky.  We would love to know he is ok and perhaps retired and enjoying life.  Seems like he just vanished and was never mentioned again.

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Re: Corky's of Memphis



I cannot (not allowed) post a link, but if you google Robert Moye, pitmaster Corky's you can see info. I snipped the info below from an article I saw about the current presenter/part owner:


Stovall started with Corky's just out of college, "working the drive-thru for $5.25 an hour," and has risen through the ranks. Former pitmaster Robert Moye was the QVC personality who sold Corky's products when they first went on the air. Stovall traveled with him to West Chester for filming, and when Moye retired, he became the face behind the ribs.






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Re: Corky's of Memphis

I wondered where he went.