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I didn't get one either.......never heard of 'branding' except on the ranch... @SunValley


(Put it in your gift drawers... )


Signed, non valued customer, lol ☕️

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i don’t know what the policy is about personal info but if you’d like it, I’ll send it to you.  I’d rather you or someone who really wants it have it.  Let’s see if we can figure something out.



also, just to be clear, I rarely purchase from qvc anymore and stopped turning it on (background) since the holiday shows in the summer burnt me out,  I haven’t purchased one item from them in several months.  I’m guessing the mugs sent are just to random people because I’m not a heavy hitter with them.  


I have a feeling that that those who did t receive one will soon be able to purchase.

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OH lawd.  Not another mug discussion.  ROFLOL

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@LipstickDiva wrote:

OH lawd.  Not another mug discussion.  ROFLOL

It does seem mundane, but with all the interest in responding to this topic, it seems this mug campaign did hit a nerve even if it’s branding revamp has been ignored. The mug chatter is a clear message that QVC customers would like to be rewarded in some way for their loyalty (a points program, free shipping, something!). It’s an example to me of how management is still fumbling around trying to stay competitive and increase sales, yet failing to see what’s under their noses. 






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No mug for me, but since I only place 1 or 2 orders per year with QVC I do not deserve one.  

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I love mine, too.  We had a good chuckle when I opened it.  I am an avid QVC shopping for 20 plus years.  I am an avid (obsessive) coffee drinker so a very appropriate gift to receive from a company I frequently shop at.  My grown kids will get a kick out of it and when I was a daycare provider my kids called the UPS truck the QVC truck! 


I actually was checking to see if there was any information about the changes taking place at QVC.  I letter enclosed with the cup mentioned there would be new plans coming.

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Anybody have a picture of this famous mug?

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gee i received 5 qvc boxes today ... I hope a "mug" found its way into one of them😉


I always thought I'd like a ITKWD mug since this is the only show I watch regularly. 


For those who received it -- Q just wants to remind you they "miss you"...🙂 since most who received it say they haven't shopped Q (this week I made up for you & my months of not shopping😯).

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Nope.  Saw a UPS truck in the neighborhood and thought maybe he was delivering my cup, but false alarm !!!

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  ha, that comment made me laugh. Oh yes the coffee mug of honor!