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Closed my Account? Thanks you actually did me a favor..

According to CS as I tried to order the Nook I was told my husbands account is closed for past due easy pays which is impossible because he only has this one account and he has easy pays he is making now..So I have no idea what they are talking about...How could he have past due easy pays from what I was told is a "long time ago" when his current EZ pays are only from about 4 months ago and are all up to date?... No worries QVC you actually did us a favor.. now we won't be making impulse buys like the Nook from you as we almost did tonight.. And do NOT call me. I don't want to talk to your 'corporate office" and have someone blow smoke at me as to why, blah blah.. His account is not behind , we know this but it's for the best anyway.. With the poor quality, and ridiculous shipping prices we are much better off.. Adios QVC...