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@Pearley LOLOLOL! Love your attic remark!

I had no idea Renee used to be a fit model.
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Hey @MommaJ   I remember her older line.  I was a fan of the Effortless Style by Citiknits pieces.  One of the best driver license pictures I ever took was the one in which I was wearing an Effortless Style by Citiknits tunic Woman Happy


Loved it so much, I bought 2 colorways

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I was just curious if Renee's como jersey was the same fabric, or close.

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I still have several pieces of Citiknits, but never wear them.  Once upon a time I wore them, but it's been years since I used any of the items.  Time to get rid of them! I kept them thinking I'd wear them for traveling, but that didn't happen.  Yes, Renee's line is very similar as far as the fabric.  Indestructible! 

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Thanks for posting this link, I really enjoyed it. I never knew that Rene was part of Citiknits.