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I agree, the set decorations are very minimal and not impressive, when Lisa Robertson was hosting everything from the trees to the fireplaces, the stair railings was exqusite. Don't know if she had anything to do with the decor but it sure hasn't been the same since she left, She knows how to decorate. Obviously QVC  has changed in many ways and not in a good way, maybe they are trying to save money. BRING BACK THE OLD QVC. MORE PRODUCT VARIETY AND THE HOSTS. SO TIRED OF PEOPLE TALKING OVER EACH OTHER, VERY ANNOYING!

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The sets shouldn't overpower the merchandise being shown.  Elaborate decorations are a distraction.  The only fancy decor I remember during Lisa's days were in the shows that were "specials" or when she was selling them.  Otherwise, I recall things being about like they are now. 

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@Maddie64 You agree with whom? Yours was the first post in this thread.

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Re: Christmas sets

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It's not that QVC didn't decorate their sets, it's that decorations are sparse and colors fade into the background.  This trend has been going on for several years, before Covid, so it can't be blamed on that and worker shortage.


Retailers usually go all out; however, sets decorated with all products on display like Valerie's are great for selling her decor, but too much for every day.  


Here is what retail experts say.


*"The studies have shown that stores and businesses decorate for the holiday because it creates a positive feeling in customers. They are happier and more likely to buy gifts for those they are shopping for and for themselves."


I felt this way when I turned on ShopHQ and saw their set decorated in red and tartan plaids.  They were selling clothing.  I had no problem concentrating on and seeing the clothing, some of it presented in front of tartan plaid wrapped packages.  I hung around because the set was cheery.  


QVC isn't a B&M store, but their sets are like stores that sell a variety of products.  We walk into that set when we turn on the channel.  


*From Ambius dot com.

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Since all retail is accelerated these days, and with Christmas less than three weeks away, I expect the decorations will be removed any day now and we''ll advance to clearance sales.  Maybe it's too soon for exercise equipment and diet food but surely those people are champing at the bit to do their thing. 

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@FoxxeeI agree that many of the holiday sets are more sparsely decorated now.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.  What I miss, though, is the warmer lighting they got rid of a few years ago.  That, to me, has made the sets starker, and less welcoming, cozy, and inviting.

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I totally agree! I was just saying….the sets are not festive at all and almost makes you not feeling the shopping spirit!
Not very inviting at all! Should be decorated like the Christmas in July with Valerie! Come on QVC you can do better than this!
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Totally agree!
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The QVC sets, including the holiday and Christmas sets, are pathetic.  It doesn't even look like the holidays. It's harsh, and very secular looking.  And what in the world is hanging from one of the fireplaces -- are they cow bells?   

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Personally I find the sets very stark.  It appears to me they didn't bother with decorating this year. A wreath hastily hung on the wall, a Christmas tree shoved in a corner, unfortunately it failed to build any enthusiasm. I assume they were having such a hard time securing products and then with the shipping issues, they just didn't put any effort in set decorating.