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Nah, not too early for me.  I like being able to shop and receive before the holidays so I can use it during the holidays

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I was happy to see some Christmas items out at Walmart as looking for a wreath hanger for a Fall wreath. Today I saw the low table out to display the trees any day now. Many of VPH's items sold out yesterday on Q ,so profitable. At least it is something else to think of instead of depressing news.

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I don't much look forward to Christmas when it is Christmas much less all year round. It's just not what it used to be. It's all about spending money and no one seems happy with anything anyway.Too much agree not enough happiness and joy. If the holiday wasn't so focused on how much money we spend I would like it so much better. I'm not poor or cheap I just hate the whole Black Friday, did you spend enough on this person, did you get the grandkids the same amount of gifts on and on. 

Yes!! too. Everyone I know too. Family too. We say we wish we could do it differently. Christmas comes...same deal. Last year when it was all over was glad to hear from family with little ones..."they have ENOUGH!" and that "next year...let's have it be about experiences.". Now it's pandemic.  And I've had some personal loss too this personally...I've told those close to me, I'm just skippin' it. And I'm not sad...I'm looking forward to just get away, (driving) and defining different this year, so I don't miss what is no longer there. Granted if we find we need to do something to keep the little ones happy, I'll partake in that.  But I'm with you whole-heartedly on all the above. I'm Christian....I'll still say prayers Christmas Eve, go to a virtual mass. The commercialism...I do less and less each year. We kept up traditions for mom too, which was fun. 

So this year....everything is different...good time to redefine. I used to decorate big when I was in the mood, and less when I wasn't. I guess to each her/his own.

I'm so sorry for you loss. I lost my mom and dad in the same year 24 years ago and since then things like Christmas have never been the same for me. But even back then I was bitter to way the commercialism of it all made me feel. I hardly decorate and we give to the little ones but the older the little ones get the less fun it is. They have everything and who even knows what to get them. It just doesn't give me the warm fuzzy feeling. Instead if feel complete dread at the thought of it. 

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Re: Christmas in September

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We can all agree that this is an unusual year. We've already have experienced problems the last couple of years with delivery of Holiday gifts since more and more people do their Holiday shopping online ....Now add a pandemic into the mix with even more people shopping less in stores and more online---adding more overload to an already overloaded delivery system for the Holidays.......


Therefore, smart shoppers will shop early to guarantee they have their gifts in time for Christmas, but shoppers who delay and wait until more traditional shopping times may find themselves without gifts to give on Christmas Day and sharing their tales of woe here on the Forums....SHOP EARLY FOLKS, THIS YEAR IS DIFFERENT!

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It's been reported an earlier Christmas this year because of Amazon Prime in October.  Retailers want to get money that wasn't spent during the lock down before consumers spend it on Amazon.  


Retailers make up to 30% of their yearly sales during the Christmas season.  If they don't, it could mean job losses and closures. This isn't about me, it's about their survival during a year we are already seeing a lot of job losses and closures.  

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I love watching the Christmas shows, they are a welcome respite from the ****** world we are living in right now.  


I lost my husband unexpectedly on September 10 so yes to the me the world is ******.


If you don't like the shows don't watch them but for me they help a little bit.  

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@Miss Pepsi   My condolences on the unexpected death of your husband.  I've added you to my prayers.  The loss of a partner is such aa blow, but even moreso when it is not in your line of vision.


Try to take care of yourself during the rollercoaster that grieving is.



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Did you put that bargain coffin in your gift closet? I hope you got the rose gold before it sold out. Maybe if some family member or neighbor dies before you, you'll have a little something for him/her and won't be caught flat footed.

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I just celebrated my 80th birthday.....


And I'm only 64.



Next funeral.



Gotta beat the crowds, the months and years of waiting, the possible loss of cemetery space....



Bought a nice casket on Pre-Funeral Mark Down...( I think it's last year's model...but it was on special and I couldn't resist!!!!)..Only 12 left....started with 20 colors, down to two.


I bought the one David collects.


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Because of Covid-19, online retailers are anticipating record sales this year and the Q is pushing Christmas, Christmas, Christmas to the max. I begin to think about that holiday some time in November. As much as possible, I will try to Christmas shop at local retailers.