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Re: Christmas Time Again!

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@Spurt    I must agree.  As much as Christmas shows irk me, they beat watching Josie Maran.



I know EXACTLY what you mean.....watching her slop on the body butter isnt exactly captivating TV to me....😄😆

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This post has been removed by QVC - unkind, rude, baiting

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      The holiday shows are about the only ones I watch all the way through.  Christmas shows in summer don't bother me.  I like seeing all the holiday decor, though I don't buy much anymore!!

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Christmas or beauty... Sheesh... Some of you all act like it's a choice that MUST be made... Christmas overload featuring the same mostly kitschy products and vendors over and over, year after year... Or beautify overload featuring the same products and vendors year after year... Personally, I've learned to just skip most of QVC's program offerings, which is also a viable choice... Just sayin'...

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Re: Christmas Time Again!

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@StopTalking wrote:

Christmas is starting up again tonight. Valerie will be back in all her glory. I'm sure all you Christmas haters will get nauseous. Don't fight it. Embrace Christmas!

Shopping has nothing to do with Christmas. It's all about money. Materialism and greed have taken over Christmas. I like Christmas from Thanksgiving though December.

As for Valerie-  mostly over-priced and corny items.



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Won't be watching----am not a fan of Xmas anyway and especially in the heat of summer-----was in retail for years and Xmas garbage came in the 5th of July----some was put out even then----bah humbug!!!!!

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I look forward to the all day Christmas shows. I am glad it is on a weekend day that I am not working. I enjoy decorating and changing it up each year. My famIly and friends look forward to seeing my decor and it makes me smile and feel good when my efforts turn out how I imagined.
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@Group 5 minus 1  I am surprised that they would have any kind of Macy's Parade considering the pandemic.