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So sad. My choices for watching Q this afternoon are XMAS in July---no interest--- Shoe shopping with you know who, who I cannot stand to watch ---Holiday Cheer, which again I am not interested in, and Fashions Night In, which I've already seen. I'm going to miss those two other live QVC channels. 

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Time to explore all those other channels you might get!Smiley Happy

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Reading is a great way to spend extra time.

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Fox news will enlighten you

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I agree, when I didn't like the shows on the main channel, there were alternative options on Q2/Q3/BeautyIQ. I feel like the Q is forcing customers to choose from less. But, hey, that's ok - like many of you mentioned, I'll start diving back into my interests, other than shopping Smiley Wink


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If I were home during the day, I'd be watching TCM all day.  I am convinced they show better films on weekdays than weekends.

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@MrSour wrote:

Fox news will enlighten you


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Turn off the tv for awhile and open a book.  or do some crafting, or write someone a letter, or call someone on the phone.  As much as I love QVC it is not the be all and end all.  Granted I am not thrilled with this evening's non stop programming of food but I have books to read, or board games to play or other channels to watch.



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You have many choices.


Take a walk, cook, crochet, knit, clean a little, or best of all read and read and read.

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@QVCkitty1   This Chanel has  a big problem now.