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Re: Chef Joe McAllister

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@MrSour wrote:

@Reever  I think bob warden was ninja products. There was a lady that was the cook essential spokesperson that I can't remember her name

@MrSour- Bob Warden was the original rep for Cook Essentials, then Meredith Lawrence, the Blue Jean Chef replaced him.

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I think Aaron McCargo Jr. is a fine addition to the kitchen shows.  I hope to see more of him.

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I enjoyed Chef Joe, his presentation, manner, et al.  When watching him I feel I learned something.


Imho, this Chef Aaron is a waste.  He gives annoyingly 'mickey mouse' presentations and it seems like David has to pull information out of him.  He may be a chef, however his presentations are about at my level of cooking and I'm not a cook!

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I miss Meredith she was the best! Woman Sad

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I agree wingnut, that new rep is awful, he mumbles his words, when he's on I don't watch..what happened to the 2 girls that were reps for cooks essentials? Chef Joe said he'd be on occassionally I liked him a lot!