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Check your shipping charges for Diamonique TSVS in Dec.

While checking my payments due this month, I noticed an odd charge of $21.03 for Shipping on the very light TSVS Diamonique ring a couple days before Christmas. Since the ring was only $49.00 and I know I'd never pay that much in shipping I decided to check the website to check on the stated shipping charge. It turned out to be $5.54, which would be more than sufficient to cover the cost. I called Customer Service and they looked up the order and the stated shipping and questioned whether I requested expedited shipping but it wasn't a gift and I never do expedited shipping. She stated Diamonique entered the charge so I'm assuming they direct shipped the items. They refunded the over charge to me but if there was a glitch about the shipping on that TSVS there may have been other overcharges done and thousands were sold. I had missed the charge on my invoice and on my order confirmation and just found it by chance so I wanted to give you a heads up that it may be worthwhile to check your invoice. With so many order processes computerized these days a simple date entry error can be sutomatically used repeatedly without anyone knowing. Anyone can make an error, and I'm sure that week was crazy busy shipping so I should have been checking more carefully. Like Everyone else I was too busy as well! Anyway, just a note to give you a heads up.