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Check for Double Billing on Easy Pay Items ........ Customer Service Reps not so nice!!

I had a horrible experience with customer service. I purchased the Miracle Worker easy pay in Oct .

I was charged at the time of the order for 1 of 3 pmts.

I paid that pmt, in November I paid another pmt. I just checked my bank statement and they charged me for the 3rd installment which I did not put the purchase on my MC. I received my AMX card and they had charged that card as well.

I called and the rep. said she didnt see the charge on AMX and I did owe the money . I explained that you can not charge 2 cards in one month for a charge .

She hung the phone up on me. I called back and the rep did not understand me so she said it was sent to the easy pay dept. Do they really have an easy pay department and has anyone else have had problems with this issue?