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Chaz and Isaac Mizrali ----just got out of bed?

This a.m. I turned on the Q to see Chaz Dean with a do-rag hat on and stringy hair sticking out of it. Maybe he should use his product before he goes on air....The other day Isaac M. was wearing a little green beanie hat and his flip-flops .... Maybe these guys should get up 5 minutes earlier.... None of us could go to work looking like this...I know they're "artists" , but ,,,come on...respect your audience.

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Re: Chaz and Isaac Mizrali ----just got out of bed?

One of these men are from LA he is a into hair and thought that was a hair statement Isaac is a fashion icon a genius and man coming in from NY as far as I'm concerned as long as he keeps designing for
the Q a breath of fresh air much younger than D&c or Quaker factory, he can wear his pj's