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  • I miss the old qvc. Not enjoying the new hosts. Doesn't have the same feel or vibe anymore.  I don't really watch qvc on tv now. I will look online if I need something.
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@irishgal67 : Just wanted you to know ~ you are not alone.

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All of these new hosts make me wonder who is on the chopping block next.  

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OH come on!! The "old " hosts are nearing retirement by now and there always are new people coming in to keep things running--who cares really?? I don't watch nearly as often as I used to--not interested anymore and never thought of any host  as being much more than someone doing a job. 

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I'm glad to see new hosts, gives QVC a different vibe. Most of the older host are nearing retirement age. 

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As the saying goes, "all good things come to an end", we just have to move on.    I am adjusting to the new hosts but there will always be some I like more than others!Woman Wink

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I never watch on TV anymore, haven't for about the last 5 years.  I look on-line to see if there is anything from the shows that day and will watch the video clip on-line if interested.  My shopping on QVC has dropped dramatically in the last years.  And I will purchase the QVC items on e-bay at a much lower price (and most of the time with free shipping).  Between e-bay and Amazon and other on-line sites, I rarely purchase from QVC anymore. Prices and shipping costs are too high.  You'd think with the volume they have that they would be more competitive.

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Exactly - I’m shopping on line also And eBay has the exact same products much cheaper and one doesn’t have to buy two of the same product. Free Shipping also

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@depglass  Ha !!  Got my fingers crossed...🤞🏻

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I think you can learn a lot if you watch which hosts are given prime time and popular items. And watch who is given less prime time and are selling things like mattresses, linens, vacs, etc.

The "face" of both HSN and the Q is changing to the young. I'm surprised how quickly that can happen. To me, when you don't have prime time nor popular products, you are sort of put on the shelf. You're not going to be remarkable selling nor a popular host. It's movement that you don't really notice.