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I'll take the old QVC anyday...shipping was great, customer service was what it should be, prices were competitive, etc., etc. The new graphics on live broadcasts definitely not very inviting or impressive...sorrySmiley Sad.

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You have to wonder if they honestly think an uninspired new logo, changing up show titles and hosts, messing around with fonts and graphics and so on are the kinds of big new changes customers want. Seems like, you know, less frenzied hosts, better programming, better pricing, better variety and better and less costly shipping might have been a bigger deal... 

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@MJDinVegas wrote:

I agree with @Kachina624.  In another thread about host swapping, I posted that, without fresh merchandise it looks like they are just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.


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So, now that they've unleashed all these fabulous... big... new changes, the forums are still wonky as heck and the 'saved items' in my cart are still missing... Rather than new graphics and a new logo, how about a consistently and fully functional website... 

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@stevieb Such a dreamer!  Sometimes when I actually watch “live” QVC, it seems as if I’ve fallen down a retail rabbit hole. Then, as you point out, there’s the website issues ...

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I find that I watch QVC less and less. These changes are not what I would think promotes sales or viewship.Especially when the products are the same at every venue. You now have three networks, two which repeat shows from QVC. Not sure how this is considered progress. I think going back to your core values and building on this format will be more beneficial. Pulling quality hosts from your main network and putting them on the Beauty network is a waste of talent...particulary since I never watch that channel, unless you show a rerun of AM Style or some other show, which I missed.. I don't need to hear about personal/family info from the hosts. I don't need to see the host sing or dance when they come on. Some talk so much the show is over before the guest can even explain the items offered (there are a couple of guests that need to be reigned in as well). If a show is coming on that I might be interested in, I check out the items on line. Sorry QVC you've lost your core values. You really need to go back to basics and work from there.

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This clean site if very nice and easy to read. I've also noticed some new items on today's shows. Love the JAI line of hefty sterling and Roberta's had some Heuchera's at a really reasonable price (with free S&H). Beats the same old programming IMO. Yes, I made a purchase today. Surprised myself. Smiley Very Happy


Seems like QVC is beginning to show us interesting things . . . time will tell. They cannot do it overnight. Changes seem to be happening. Will it benefit customers? Think they are trying. Doubt they will be able to keep everyone happy all of the time, but I've seen good things changing over the past several months.   

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I like what was said here. I cannot add anymore to all that was said and I would "heart" you all. Looks like I will be looking at other avenues for shopping.

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@cbrite wrote:

QVC Logo


I was told this is 1 change.......big woop.


The new Q logo looks like:


A round peg in a square hole.


A jack-in-the-box as seen from the top.


An animal's behind and tail.


Pinochio's profile.


A balloon flying away!



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I have a large TV screen, but I can barely read the Item No., etc. but they still have a large box that blocks the view.  What's with the tiny lettering?  Don't like this change at all.