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I really like Susan Graver clothes but PLEASE Susan, calm down a little. She is over the top today and just won't shut up. Poor Pat is trying to describe the items but Susan just keeps talking. Someone please tell her to shut up.

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@Carol in Maryland 


Even if someone did, she wouldn't.....she just can't get out of her own way, nor ours. I just don't watch/listen. I use my remote and/or closed captiioning LOL.



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Pat and Susan have worked together for years.  I'm sure Pat can handle her own, however she chooses.  I enjoy Susan's enthusiasm and always have.  I have a closet full of her clothes.  By far, my favorite QVC designer. 

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I agree, Susan seems to be celebrating early today......She is way over the top today. I hope it's just the excitement of her family being home. 

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That's just Susan & she's never going to change, the excuse for her behavior is she's enthusiastic. I'll agree that she's great at describing her clothing but she can't stop the jibber-jabber so those that can't stand her behavior will have to...mute, use close caption, view the items their interested in online or simply deal with it.

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Nothing new or different.

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Sush it Susan!!

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She was wired today, far worse than usual, like a giddy child.  I think she was excited because her family is with her.  I watched on "mute".  She had some really pretty pieces of clothing in today's show.

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I like Susan and her enthusiam.  Happy people who enjoy what they are doing make me happy too.  I would rather hear her describe her items than how many sold, ya da ya da.   Pat works well with her and does get out the info we need too

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Susan is the QVC version of Joy Mangano at HSN.