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Caution with purchases..."Not Eligible for Return or Exchange"!

I do not know when this started or if anyone has noticed yet, but I was just looking at some Lunchtime Soecials and under the item number & item name in red letters is the message "Not Eligible for Return or Exchange".   Do not know what other items that are not "Lunchtime Specials" category, such as clearance, limited quantities, etc. that may also fall into the "Not Eligible for Return or Exchange" category, so be careful & look before making your purchases!

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Re: Caution with purchases..."Not Eligible for Return or Exchange"!

@Scorpio1971 - So far, the "not eligible for return or exchange" seems to only apply to fashion items in QVC's "Blowout Clearance" category. If you're willing to take a chance, you can get some great deals—you just have to understand what you're in for. I'm still waiting for the two items I purchased in this category to be shipped; I bought two of the same item in different sizes, so I'll only be out $15 if both somehow don't work and I'll have paid only a tiny amount if both do work. It's an interesting concept and a great way for QVC to clear out some of its older and/or unprofitable merchandise...