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Re: Cathy Pedrayes - gone????

@JohnnyEager wrote:

For those discussing Sandra and Cathy's similar looks, here is a rare picture of them together, taken recently at  one of  Jack Comstock's retirement events.




Is this the "dress bunching" y'all are talking about? That is an odd look. Cathy had grown on me, but I haven't been watching, so had no idea she was gone. I think she had improved 100%+ the last few times I saw her. 

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Re: Cathy Pedrayes - gone????

I feel so bad that Cathy is no longer there.  I thought she did a great job and was so pretty. I really enjoyed her on the fashion shows, especially Denim & Co. and she also looked so good in the clothes.  She had so many good traits as she would listen and explain details so well.  I thought sure that she would be having her own fashion show.  I am disappointed.  I wish her the best. 

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Re: Cathy Pedrayes - gone????

I agree! I liked Cathy and was excited to see her join ITKWM during the day due to my schedule.

I noticed Cathy didn't seem herself during her first ITKWM and subsequent shows. I wondered if the real Mary was the reason for her trepidation. Luckily Cathy's personality shined through on the show during the game segments and providing great feedback when sampling food items...and of course interacting with us on FB.

One other thing: Mary compulsively uses "my friend" and other affects to convey a welcoming, simple "down home girl" personality. I noticed those compulsions were absent when she interacted with Cathy.
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Re: Cathy Pedrayes - gone????

Yes, Cathy and Sandra look very similar.


Both equally very beautiful.

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Re: Cathy Pedrayes - gone????

Thank for the update. I do recall him coming from the U K . Now !!

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Re: Cathy Pedrayes - gone????

@JohnnyEager wrote:

That might be why they let her go.  Dress-bunching.



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Re: Cathy Pedrayes - gone????

I'm surprised to see Cathy gone. She seemed very sincere and warm. Too bad. Could be her productivity was not improving. but QVC should have kept her because she was well liked. It seems like they removed her page very quickly. Usually if a host leaves, their page is kept up for a few days at least. I hope she has a happy life and i'm sure there is something better for her  in the future.

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Re: Cathy Pedrayes - gone????

So only had 1 Latina on air....Jacque Gonzales was dismissed awhile now Cathy Pedrayes is do you want your Latino customers to spend their money with you BUT QVC gives NO representation...I think NOT

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Re: Cathy Pedrayes - gone????

I agree with everyone, she had improved greatly, and was enjoyable to watch.  Loved her love of animals.  There are many hosts who are still on and I really can't believe it because of the mistakes made, lack of preparedness or frankly they don't seem to "fit" in anywhere.  So here is my list to the hosts I change the channel for numerous reasons big and small.  

Christine Zell

Gabrielle Kerr

Stacey Stauffer - please stop yelling into the mic!

Kerstin Lindquist

Sandra Bennett

Shawn Killinger

Jennifer Coffey


I do like to watch of the newer (some not so new) hosts Mary Nelson, Nancy Hornback - love her description of items! - Courtney Khondabi.


I guess we are lucky to have a large selection of hosts to watch so that way we can flip the channel if we don't like them for whatever reason!

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Re: Cathy Pedrayes - gone????

I saw on her Instagram today that she's not at QVC. That's a shame. I found her to be one of the warmer, more genuine hosts. Can't say that about everyone. (Looking at you Anthony Hayward. Charming, but always comes off a little snarky to me.) I figured when they brought in a gaggle of new hosts it meant some people had to be out. Sorry it was Cathy.