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Does anyone else feel slighted as only NEW customers get rewarded?20 plus years means nothing

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It is QVC's Internet web site and company, so it is QVC rules which apply.


As consumers we can all pick and choose whichever company and web site suit us best, and for me I really love all the home shopping channels which offer longer product trial periods.


From what I have read on the Internet it is also nicer to know that both QVC and HSN are under the same umbrella now

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Yes   , seems like an insult to loyal customers

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This is a very fundamental marketing tool the companies have used forever. Open up an account and get a new toaster.


If you are unhappy don’t do business with QVC.


You benefit as a customer if the company you do business with continues to get new customers by giving people incentives. 

I just got a free book from audible as a new customer.


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Key word here is new customer.


Many businesses have 'special offers' to entice new customers, which are vital for continued growth.


Its funny to me that you view this as a "reward" .

They're not just handing out money.


You have to buy something, and you get a credit toward some other future purchase you'll have to buy before that "reward" is any good.

Or did I misunderstand them?


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They USED (key word) to give long-time customers 'rewards' (forget what it was called) in various amounts.


I know, because every so often I'd get one.  I'd see here where someone got a 'reward' and I'd call CS and as if I could get one.  


QVC was so generous, I'd often get one.  Sometimes I'd get one out of the blue.


It was probably (I'm terrible on guessing) maybe 2 or 3 years ago they used to do this.


Some of the long-time people here I know will remember.  

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As being a first time customer on many sites I Love the offers for first time customers and I take advantage of them.....


 Why would you feel slighted buy someone who is new getting a good deal on their first purchase?   Have YOU NEVER TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF OFFERS BEFORE ON OTHER SITES AS A FIRST TIME CUSTOMER?  Hard to believe.