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Yep...I definitely noticed it.......even rewinded it up so I could verify what I had heard.......she definitely had a tone......

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I did not notice any rudeness on Carolyn's part however a caller phoned in to say she walks her dogs at night and was getting the solar lights to light the area up so she could see where she was walking.  Carolyn agreed with her.  Anyone who has any solar lights knows they do not throw this kind of light.  I have what were described as very bright ones and they throw a shadow on the ground around them but in no way light the path for me to  see in the dark.  I thought Carolyn should have corrected her.  i feel badly when callers are duped.

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Again, when a host gets to host too many of their own shows they think they can say and do anything they want and their fans will forget about it.

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I watched this presentation twice (Q and Qplus) and I don't get it. One says she was rude. Another says she snapped.

I didn't see any rude snappish behavior, and I doubt Jeff was wounded even slightly. Like Carolyn, he was busy listening to producer, director, callers, and covering the points he's paid to repeat x number of times per presentation.

But I have noticed the word 'rude' has joined 'bully' at the top of the list of frequently misapplied words. Polite people who wouldn't dream of name calling can accept tagging someone with the 'rude' label, whether it fits or not.
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@Kachina624 wrote:

Carolyn can be a little bossy at times.  She wants things done HER way.   He must have irritated her. 

More likely it was the one talking in her ear and/or gesturing to her from camera side.


This morning she switched from normally paced speech into high gear, rapidly churning out the info on her cards even tho Isaac kept wanting to insert wandering comments during colors, fabric, price, etc.


As she slowed down again she said to Isaac her producer's been trying to tell her something for 10 minutes. Then plaintively to the producer,  "I'm not ignoring you".