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Re: Carolyn is such a good Host

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Carolyn is my favorite.  She does not make the shows about herself.  I think she one of the best.  She does make references to her husband and family but not like and Jane and her daughters.  

@chiclet I can not stand Jane, and that is one of the reasons.  She is a quick channel change for me.  But I swear, EVERY TIME I see her for a nanosecond, she mentions her daughters.  She finds some way to work them into her presentation.  I would LIKE to think that she does not mention them with every product that she presents, but I am not willing to watch her long enough to find out.

She does work them into every presentation.  If she was selling food it would be some story about what one of them likes.  If it was a powersaw I think she would figure out a way to work them in.  

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Re: Carolyn is such a good Host

I agree.Her voice is terrific. I know exact;y what I am getting when she hosts. Explanations are always thorough.

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Re: Carolyn is such a good Host

She's not a favorite of mine.  In fact I find her quite annoying at times with all the Ummms and over pronouncing words and other reasons.

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Re: Carolyn is such a good Host

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Carolyn is my favorite host, but when she starts talking in that squirrel voice I'm out!

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Re: Carolyn is such a good Host

I enjoy Carolyn and have bought from her many times. She has a nice, natural way of selling. With her, I'm never left wondering about important details. She obviously knows that's important to sell something. And doesn't send you off to your computer to hunt up details that are her job to have. 

Carolyn and Gary know how silly Acorn and Nutsy are. They enjoy the silliness of it all. I do, too. They are smart enought to not spend too much time on it.