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During the Susan Graver show today, Carolyn Gracie  mentioned she was taking some kind of heart medication for an upcoming procedure. I am concerned about her and I wondered if she has revealed what that is. I will keep her in my prayers.

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I haven't heard her say a word about having a medical procedure.  I suppose if she wants people to know, she'll elaborate at some point....or not.

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why would she share that personal information....

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@PurseoneYou heard everything I also heard her say.  She seemed to want us to know that med has caused her weight gain -   and maybe that's all she's ready to share right now.  I wish her well.

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I don't know why these hosts have to mention these personal things on air, they have to know people will talk and want to know more.

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We have to remember the hosts  are human and they go through things just like everyone else, they don't always talk about it.  Jill mentioned today  that her mother-in-law passed away last week. All of us need to keep Jill and Carolyn in our prayers.

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Maybe she mentioned it as she will be off for awhile and wanted to give a heads up. Just a guess. Maybe there's something on her FB page you could check out.

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@Purseone....She mentioned it seveal weeks ago during a Denim and Co show...I was not really listening intently but I think she said she was having a  procedure in the late spring....she made light of it.....not that medical issues are not serious but I got the impression she was not overly concerned.

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Yes, it makes me uncomfortable when the hosts overshare.

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@sann   Is something going on with Jill also?