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Re: Carolyn Gracie on Denim + Co

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Oh that has annoyed me for a while with the hosts you mentioned are frequently wearing  jackets 1-2 sizes too small. It looks ridiculous and then they cant wait to tell us what size they are wearing tell us  as though that is going to be helpful. .

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Re: Carolyn Gracie on Denim + Co

Carolyn has a difficult body type to dress as she pear shaped. She has narrow shoulders and heavier upper arms but her hips and lower body looks to be at leat one size larger than the top. I've noticed that not all of the Denim & co clothes look good on her for that reason. I don't think very much of the QVC stylists either as it not just the hosts, but the models, who frequently don't wear clothes that fit them.

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Re: Carolyn Gracie on Denim + Co

@Feliciti wrote:

@Feliciti wrote:

@fancy pantsy wrote:

its funny how we all see things so differently!


when i tuned in and saw caroline today, first thing i thought was how FABULOUS that jacket looked on her.  


it is, by the way, a style that is not supposed to be zipped shut, ... it's supposed to stay open.  it fit her to a T !!  and it looked so good with all black on underneath.  


this is only my own personal opinion, but i find that, being hippy, my clothes look better a little fitted. (there is a difference between tight and fitted, as my DD always tells me when i ask if something is too tight LOL).  on ME (i have been told) that something nicely fitted around my middle calls LESS attention to my spreading middle than hanging a big tent over it. 



You're right about not wearing a big tent, but no one here is suggesting she do that. Just wear tops and jackets that don't emphasize her size by being too small.

P.S. As a pear-shaped woman myself, I do understand that she may be trying to have things fit in the shoulders. It is frustrating to have thing large enough for my abdomen and hips be way too big in the shoulders, so she could be opting to fit the shoulders better than the middle/hips. Besides being plus size, I'm 5'10", so I rarely have the luxury of anything really fitting me right. There are many tops in petite size but almost zero tall ones. I do know her struggle and frustrations with fitting things, and I still love her, regardless.

I think you are spot on with the fit problem Carolyn has. She admittedly has narrow shoulders and carries her weight through the middle. That sometimes leaves her with the choice of fitting her shoulders and having the middle be a bit snug, or fitting her middle and having the top of the garment look too big and sloppy/baggy (not to mention added length on the sleeves -- she also states frequently that she has short arms and often rolls or pushes sleeves up). It is sometimes not just a case of "sizing up," as that creates other types of fit problems. When one is wearing clothing off the rack, sometimes s/he must do the best s/he can with what is available.

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Re: Carolyn Gracie on Denim + Co

Shawn and Jane Treacy also wear the wrong size.  Heaven forbid that they should wear a size larger then they couldnot  brag about their xsmall or small size. Get real size is a number and every brand size their  clothing differently. Wear your correct size and stop worrying about the number.

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Re: Carolyn Gracie on Denim + Co

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Re: Carolyn Gracie on Denim + Co

Today Carolyn was hosting with Bob Mackie and she was wearing a very cute Susan Graver Top but it was IMHO one size too small.  They were talking about his wide leg pants and how some larger ladies think that they will make them look larger when in fact he said they do the opposite.  Then Bob went on about wearing too tight clothing and said nothing makes you look bigger than wearing a size or two smaller than you are (or wishing you were!)..... Right, right and right.



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Re: Carolyn Gracie on Denim + Co

Isaac has also expressed his dislike for tight clothing, and I heard him tell both Lisa Robertson and Shawn they needed to go up a size. Both seemed to take it as an insult.

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Re: Carolyn Gracie on Denim + Co

@Shanus wrote:

@Feliciti. Wearing baggy jackets or clothing to try to disguise your "flaws" is just as unflattering as trying to squeeze into a garment that's 2 sizes too small. No one but you can see the size tag inside tops or bottoms.....if it bothers you, cut the tag out. 


I'm not sure what you're referring to. I have zero problem with a size, and I've not said here that anyone should wear anything too large. Just the opposite, in fact.

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Re: Carolyn Gracie on Denim + Co

No disrespect was meant by the OP.  Its just a term used now for the industry because they always show their clothes on small models.  The average woman today is at least a size 12-14.  Be happy you are tiny. 

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Re: Carolyn Gracie on Denim + Co

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@handygal2 wrote:

These were QVC's top stylist's favorite gowns at the Golden Globes:




I'm not a fan of any of them, lol. So l rest my case...



LOL---I think the photos said it all!!!  And I guess that is why they call television "the boob tube".....


Where have all the real talented designers gone......I remember the glamorous clothing styles that were worn for special it's all about the breasts and nothing about some real style  .....  I'm not advocating dressing like mummies and not showing any skin, but something more attractive and glamorous would be welcomed!

LOLOLOLOL Too funny!   Boob Tube!