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Re: Caroline Gracie this Morning

@Daysdee wrote:

In response to some of the comments, yes the hosts do get a discount.  I don't know what percentage.  Also, they get sent many items to try out (and keep) before they present them.  Some of them must receive a huge amount of cosmetics to try.

All QVC employees have 30% or 33% discount.

Not sure between this two. All employees not just hosts.

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Re: Caroline Gracie this Morning

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@bewise wrote:

Carollyn will say anything to sell.Especially when she buys everything she is selling.On denim/co she buys two of that an then a color change.When she starts that I could just scream!If in her right mind she thinks that works,she is crazy.Wish she could be more truthful.


@bewise  - Maybe Carolyn is a shopaholic and does indeed buy 2 of everything.  You never know.  Maybe most of her paycheck goes who QVC.