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I found a CH pajama set at Costco for $15.  It was a four piece set very similar to a three piece set that QVC sells for almost $50.  I don't understand how QVC can sell it for so much more and tell us what a great deal it is at three times the price.  I'm really disappointed with QVC.

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It's wise to shop around. I don't have the desire to go inside stores to shop for clothing. My PJ's come from QVC. Stan Herman had some hat I bought for winter.  Bought the lightweight ones that were today's TSV for summer.

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I'm not sure you're making a valid comparison between the two vendors (QVC vs Costco) since you mentioned that Costco has a "similar" set. I'm wondering if you've purchased the set from QVC or just saw a presentation. I'm a Cuddl Duds fan and have seen "similar" and cheaper leggings at Sam's, but the similarity is in appearance only. The fabric was thinner, and the waistband wasn't the same and looked like it was smaller. I found a Cuddl Duds fleece shirt at Sam's a couple of months ago, and bought the size suggested on the package (and the same size I buy from the Q). I could barely get the top over my head!


My point is that it's sometimes difficult to compare what you buy at another source from what is offered at the Q, especially with clothing. I agree that some prices are high on the Q, so comparison shopping for the same products works for a lot of people....but to make an honest comparison, it needs to be with the same item.

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Many times at places like Costco, you are buying 2nds or 3rds, which can run small, have sewing errors, etc.   If it seems too good to be true, it usually is!

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@stellabystarlight wrote:

Many times at places like Costco, you are buying 2nds or 3rds, which can run small, have sewing errors, etc.   If it seems too good to be true, it usually is!

@stellabystarlight  I haven't bought many clothes at Costco but what I have purchased were excellent. 

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I bought these PJs from Costco. They're on sale for another couple of weeks. 100% cotton.  In my estimation two pairs of pajamas for $15 is hard to beat. 

I've never had a problem with the quality or sizing of any clothing bought at Costco. 

The only reason I buy Cuddl Duds from the Q is the offering of petite sizes.


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@stellabystarlight   In reading reviews and comments on this board makes me wonder about the quality of some clothing items and other items from QVC.  People complain about prices, sizing, quality in general, shipping and return fees,etc.  I have bought plenty from Costco -- clothing, major appliances, food even plants and have never been disappointed.  If there was ever a problem, their return policy is very generous.  No question, no only 30 day return window. That being said, Costco is AAA+ in my book.  

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I have mentioned Carole Hochman pj's from Costco on the forums before.  I buy two pairs of the 4 four piece sets each spring. 

They are 100% cotton  and the fit is perfect as it the quality. You don't have to be a member to buy them on line and they are on sale right now in four colors for around $17.  They are less expensive to buy in person.


I have never been disappointed with these.  They are not cheaply made.


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Off topic here but...


@coffee drinker, glad you mentioned the plants. I hadn't been to a Costco in over a year.    
Not even to get gas. Other than a few online orders my membership was going to waste. So I really wanted to get inside and see what they had for the spring. Picked up two azaleas, thought they were $19.99. Thrilled when I got home and saw receipt that they were actually only $16.99. And they're beautiful. 

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@Carmie  I also picked up 3 of the CH PJ sets to add to my collection.  I always buy whatever lounge/PJ sets CH offers at Costco each season.  I have NEVER been disappointed, and if I was disappointed (no matter how long I had the items) I would get a full refund from Costco!


I buy most of my casual clothes from Costco because, although I have had to return certain items for sizing, I have been genuinely satisfied with my clothing purchases there, AND I wash and dry each clothing item time and time again, sometimes for YEARS!


I'm a very big COSTCO shopped and visit the store about once a week.  I buy a lot of organic food items there that I simply could not live without, and an item, like Hydrogen Peroxide (that I use to sanitize my toothbrush 2X/day) is offered at $1.99 for 2 bottles, so that's an example of the value I believe I get (with high quality) at Costco!