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I have to share what happened today. I only in 30 years had a rude CS rep once.I received a pair of boots that were supposed to go to someone else. My name was on the mailing box.I called CS and was told to ship them back to the warehouse. I asked her if she wanted the party's name to let them know her ordered would be delayed? She again told me to mail them back to the warehouse and they would take care of it and figure it out.. When I told her I would be wondering where my order was,  she asked me if I had this customer's phone number.!!! ????I told her that phone numbers are not on the receipt! Her name and address is and order number is .I then got a Have a good day and click. I was just trying to be helpful.

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@Gorgf Please copy and paste your post to the Customer Care forum so that the QVC Social Team can help you!!

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@Gorgf, my neighbor works customer service for Amazon and has told me of situations like yours.


She has surprisingly limited information on her screen, and cant just go lookup secured info in someone's account and make a phonecall.


Besides, it would probably be posted here as a "weirdo phone call from someone claiming to be calling from QVC, about my boots"