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Just Love Her !!!!

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Not a fan ! She’s annoying
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Her hair is gorgeous long, a bob, I dont think so!

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This post has been removed by QVC because it is unkind

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I agree with you lousgirl, though I don’t watch her at all.!!
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As i stated in another post i 100% agree. Very immature and offputting . Too bad , too much time spent looking into the monitor at her feet , pants, twiing around , not presenting the models sizes or fabrication . We know she is 5'2 nd petite.
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She is trying to imitate Amy and it is not turning out well.  Too bad because I thought at one time that she had lots of potential.  

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I agree that Courtney seems immature, and absorbed with how she looks in the monitor. I also don’t like how she is rough with the clothes when they are hanging on a rack. She slides them quickly along the rack,and one time an article of clothing fell on the floor. She doesn’t present things in smooth, calm way. She just seems ‘heavy handed’ and in her presentations.

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I like Courtney and enjoy her presentations, especially when she works solo. 

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She lost me when it she reminded us for a month her birthday was coming up. I think she's confused. She's a Q host, not a celebrity.