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It is obvious that QVC has decided to move forward in a different direction to grow and progress into the future of e-commerce. This is a direct statement from corporate-


"David Rawlinson II, President and CEO, QurateRetail, Inc. "Our vCommerce teams – QVC, HSNand vCommerce Ventures – are disrupting video shopping and we believe we have a right to win in this growing industry. In addition, we are accelerating the pace of change within QurateRetail Group through Project Athens, our turnaround plan, which touches nearly every facet of our business. Projects Athens is Qurate Retail Group’s multi-year turnaround plan, designed to stabilize the core businesses and expand the company’s leadership in video streaming commerce. The five-point plan includes actions intended to strengthen customer relationships, improve execution, reduce costs, optimize the brand portfolio, and grow faster in streaming. We shared an update on these efforts with our team today"


This says it all that the next generation of consumers shop online or through streaming services. QVC has become stale and it's format is becoming antiquated. Looks like their looking at the big picture to become more profitable.

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Re: Changes are coming to QVC

I hope they are able to achieve that objective listed called "improve execution." 

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Re: Changes are coming to QVC

Sounds like a bunch of blah blah blah to me. Word salad with no dressing.

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Re: Changes are coming to QVC

@KittySoftPaws wrote:

Sounds like a bunch of blah blah blah to me. Word salad with no dressing.

@KittySoftPaws  I will drink to this and I don't even drink

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These corporate statements full of contrived terms and supposed genius-level remedies are laughable. How about some common sense and realistic goals that focus on the people who are actually your customers? I understand that the older demographic is considered to be a dead-end by these new managers who think they have all the answers, but consider this: those customers are loyal and willing to spend their money where they feel they are understood. If the powers that be think for one minute that the young generation is going to migrate to their product based on hiring younger hosts and flushing out older, more experienced people, they are dead wrong. Show some respect for your current customer base....they will be the ones who will bring new customers. Sell good products at good prices and they'll keep buying for themselves and others. Younger people are often shocked when I tell them where their Christmas and birthday gifts came from....and shocked by how much they like them!
That's how to attract new customers....think about it.
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Project Athens is a three-year company turnaround plan.

"Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference."


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Project Athens???  Why does Athens, Greece come to mind?"  Less likely a city in Georgia and also Ohio.  


These new ideas are concocted to get more younger buyers. 


Video shopping not for me, but it does mean targeting younger buyers.  How many here are interested in video shopping? I might watch a video of a previous presentation on the product page, but that's it.  


I guess I am getting too old and crotchety to have time for some of this stuff.  It's much easier to shop on QVC TV and online.  

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@Mz iMac wrote:

Project Athens is a three-year company turnaround plan.


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I just learned that Dan Hughes and Carolyn Gracie we're "LET GO" from QVC. Let's call it what it is ..... they were FIRED.!


Yet you hang on to screeching, juvenile, wine swilling hosts like Jane Treacy, Amy Stran, and Shawn Killinger. These wannabes are not going to keep your ship from sinking.


So sad that you been losing so much money, but that's your own fault. You offer us substandard Chinese merchandise that if often used and damaged, or missing parts. Your shipping charges are ridiculous, and your return policy sucks.


You can refer to me as a former customer.


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