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There isn't a store around here that carries my size.   The Internet has been a blessing.........

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y HATE it.  I had a shoulder fusion with left me with no shoulder structure to hold up my straps.  I can only order convertable, or croass stap back.  Yes I have tried the products that allow you to gather straps in back...they pinch and then make the fabric gather in weird places.  Then to add I do NOT want any padding and only wear underwire.  I see many regular strap bras I wish I could wear.  I watch for when they turn the bra and see the back straps will not cross.  I have one style from Wacoul called J=strap but it is expensive..besides I do like variety with different tops.So to answer your question....I do HATE bra shoppng.  If anyone who reads this has any suggestions for bra styles for me..I would SO appreciate it..Thank you   

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I agree, shopping is hard, I've gained weight, most of my "street" bras are tight. I have mostly lived in sports bras from Costco but not a good look, or I lounge at home in my ancient cotton "Best Form" bra-lettes from the old VF outlet shopping marathons, again not a good look & a bit too tight. Sigh. I need to get back on the healthy lifestyle behaviors train. The feeling of a well-fitting bra & feeling fit is a motivator.
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I wear Wacoal bras.  I know my size and what styles are comfortable. I recently bought 

10 new Wacoal bras on Zulily with matching panties.  I got a great deal. Everything fit perfectly.