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@Mom2Dogs   I am using a MacBook and had this exact problem last night with the hidden notifications at the top and the "sliding" or "hide and seek" "cascading" effect at the top of each page last night.


Also have been having difficulties with order status viewing and seeing easy pays by month for about a week.


Seems to be resolved now, but for how long--who knows?


Always a new, unpleasant surprise on this site, which doesn't happen to me on any other commercial sites.



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@aroc3435 ...Just now took another look at the site...seems fixed on my end! 

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Much more frustrating to me, is not that the site is faulty, but rather that management takes no steps to improve it. 

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What I find odd, is that, it seems hit or miss,  Not everyone is affected. 

I can't remember the last time, I've had problems, on the site. I almost always use my iPad, and like I said, no issues.

(knock wood). 

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@Mom2Dogs  I use Chrome and the whole page is jumpy today for some reason.

Nd of coruse I balanced my items to my credit card charges today of all days. My eyes hurt from the jumping and I'm mad that I had to waste my time because they overcharged people. Sigh.
But it could be worse.
But yes, the jumpy thing is very hard on the eyes.