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Re: Bob Mackie 2 P.M.

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I look so forward to seeing and hearing Bob  Mackie,so today I turned on  QVC and there he was.I looked forward to his conversations about how he designs and his usual great advice on how to wear his clothes.Well...I donot know how to say this except,I was so disappointed to see Jayne Brown talk non stop about,easy pay ,how many were brought in and alot of information,while Bob stood there and tried to get a word in (he only got in a few.When Pat took over she was more respectful and included Bob in the conversation.I did not watch to hear the hosts...I watched to hear Bob Mackie and probably buy something.At 3PM I turned off the TV.I felt I needed to say something because,I as a shopper,am not interested inhosts babbling on,I am wanting to see and hear a designer,that I admire and most likely make a purchase!  



I like Bob he is always classy and I want to hear his take since he designed the clothes....


I feel the same way when there's a Jim Shore or Valerie Parr Hill Show and some of the host take over and I dont get to hearJim's stories or Valeries decorating tips....Woman Frustrated

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