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Here we go again... the time QVC rolls out "specials" with Black Friday pricing. Ive yet to see one item that is special or marked down at a bargain door buster price. QVC needs to step up their game this year . With so many people uneasy about over-crowding in stores they have a real opportunity to steal some of the Black Friday business away from the Brick and mortar stores but they continue to price their merchandise at levels that are ordinary at best.

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And then you have to pay for shipping. 

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@Reever I would agree!!!

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So we have Christmas, followed by Black Friday?  Should we anticipate Thanksgiving or Halloween  next?

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QVC is NOT your only website option for ordering anything.


Not happy? Look elsewhere, IMO.

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Don't forget, we've got Amazon Prime Day coming up which was postponed from July.  That's a big shopping day.  Many stores have announced they won't have Black Friday so as not to encourage crowds.

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When is Amazon big prime day sale...?

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Sorry if I'm naive but what is Black Friday?  I thought it was the day after Thanksgiving...what is the Black Friday going on now?

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Re: Black Friday Specials ?

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@TVLand wrote:

When is Amazon big prime day sale...?

@TVLand,  the last I heard it will be October 13-14th this year.

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The “Black Friday” going on now is occurring on QVC only this weekend. It’s a QVC shopping event with (they say) special low pricing and deals, a la the real Black Friday that is the day after Thanksgiving.