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Big Thanks to Customer Service

I wanted to send a big Thank You to customer service. I ordered a Linea necklace. QVC showed it delivered, unfortunatley, it was not delivered to me. I called CS, (so sorry, I don't have the ladies name). Explained that it showed delivered, but not to me, and the tracking number didn't work on the post office website. She was very nice and told me they would send me out a replacement necklace (thank goodness, it was still available). I received it in 2 days. 

I know there is alot of comments about slow mailing and poor customer service, but for me in this situation, I am thankful and totally satisfied with QVC's customer service.

I just wished I had kept the ladies name, so I could thank her by name. Hopefully, someone at QVC can find the record of the call and give the representative recognition for her service.


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Re: Big Thanks to Customer Service


No kidding!  With all the complaint posts about CS it's refreshing to read a positive one.  I always have superior customer service when I go through the Social team.  They are like the elite level CS team & go out of their way to ensure our issue is resolved in an expeditious manner & to our liking.

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