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Is Q not going to be selling Bethlehem Lights anymore? I noticed this years Christmas trees are Mr. Christmas so far. Also, the Bethlehem Lights products I'm seeing online are on clearance. So, I was just curious if they were off the Q list.

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I was wondering the same thing. I am sorry if this is the case because I really liked their products.  I have one of the Christmas trees and receive many compliments on its beauty.  Also. I find their lights hold up.


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I hope they do!!! Another fan of them here...

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Re: Bethlehem Lights?

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Customers have noticed a decline in quality on some of the Bethlehem Light items.....I have an older garland and wreath and the quality was great.....When I bought another garland recently the quality just wasn't there and I sent it back.......Then there was the BL disaster with the BL Christmas Tree recall back in 2012 (the foot pedal caused fire hazards) ......It seems in recent years that BL seems to be concentrating on garlands and wreaths and flower arrangements....If I recall correctly, they did have Christmas Trees last year but much later in the seems that Santa Express & Mr. Christmas have supplanted them in the tree department , and now even Temptations and ED offer trees!.....  To me when Geoff left and went to HSN and Winter Lane....that is when things started to change for BL...JMHO.  They do have some garlands and even a Christmas Tree scheduled for the late Saturday lineup called DECK THE HALLS and this is their instant power tree and not on clearance.....(BTW I don't agree with their vendor when he says BL is the only one with instant power---I bought a tree at Home Depot last year ---a Martha Stewart tree with instant power!)

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Certainly I enjoyed the BL items that I bought, but I agee with Spurt's comments that the quality had declined a great deal - so much so that I stopped purchasing their items.


I've tried the winter lane lights at HSN, too and they are OK.  I really am sorry that BL went down the poor quality rabbit hole!  If I pay good $ for items, I expect them to be a good product, not junk.

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I hope Bethlehem lights products  aren't leaving QVC. I have a gorgeous frosted BL tree from a few years ago, and it has been my favorite tree ever. I DON'T like LED bulbs and don't need my tree to do 50 different things. I just love the old incandescent mini lights and appreciate the soft lights rather than the harsh one directional led light. I miss all the BL shows and find QVC is slowing changing over to an exclusive "Beauty" shopping channel. I watch less and less now, and miss the good old days of QVC products.

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It looks like Bethlehem Lights will have a TSV on Tuesday.

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I am so disappointed with QVC's product lineup now.  I can't believe that their inventory consists now of mostly Dyson vacuum cleaners, power washers, Dooney and Bourke, Dell computers, Susan Graver, and Valerie Parr Hill. I don't mind Kitchen Aid though. I purchased so much from them over the past 20 years and now there's just nothing to buy.  And how about Northern Nights comforters and featherbeds?  They're gone from their inventory.   Bethlehem lights wreaths and garlands, Candle Impressions, Tiffany-Inspired lights, Steiff and other timeless items have disappeared too.  I purchased 6 wreaths and 2 garlands from Bethlehem lights since Geoff (what was his last name) first presented them and honestly never had a problem with any of the products.  I remember Lisa Roberts had a Christmas segment in 2013 that featured all new and exclusive extra thick Bethlehem Lights wreaths and garland that all sold out that evening.  I can't figure out their marketing strategies.  I have scoured the internet looking for comparable wreaths like the commercial ones sold on QVC but have come up with nothing.  And multicolored lights on wreaths and garland have become a thing of the past.  I wish I had purchased more of them.  I hope by some Christmas miracle Bethlehem Lights and Northern Nights products return. 

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@Rubies wrote:

  I hope by some Christmas miracle Bethlehem Lights and Northern Nights products return. 



Why not get them from QVC online site?

Bethlehem Lights - 112 results

Northern Nights 124 results

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