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Best Mac N Cheese EVER!!!

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A funny thing happened the other day.....................



My 7 year old grandson was over. I was in the furthest part of the house. I heard him yell "Nana, hurry, the best mac n cheese ever!". I knew it was on QVC since I had left the TV on the channel.


I asked him what he saw. He said they have the best mac n cheese ever and I should get it, he was so excited. The funny thing, they weren't selling mac n cheese, David was selling a cooking pot and the demo had his favorite dish. 


I found it funny my grandson truly believed it was the best ever since that is what David said. Woman LOL



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Re: Best Mac N Cheese EVER!!!

Aw soooo sweet!! Thanks for sharing! 🤗🤗🤗
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Re: Best Mac N Cheese EVER!!!

@cjm61    I know exactly how he feels lol.  The demo Mac n cheese they make always looks delicious!


When I watch my cousins son he always knows my tv will be on QVC.  Once on a jewelry day he yelled for me to come and look at a "beautiful" ring that was on.  Now, I always have to get out my jewelry box and show him his birthstone.  I'll let him wear a ring around for a little while and he loves it!  I think he may be a future jewelry seller on QVC lol.   Kids are great!❤️

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Re: Best Mac N Cheese EVER!!!

Tears ago, my niece saw an ad for "Stompees," which were children's slippers. When the voiceover said, "But wait, there's more!" she said, "I don't want to wait."
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Re: Best Mac N Cheese EVER!!!

@cjm61 This feel good post gave me a warm chuckle!!!😂 Out of the mouth of babes! He sounds so PRECIOUS!❤ A David Venable fan in training!😁 I am certain David would be thrilled to read it!😊 Thanks for making my evening with this delightful post!👍😊



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Re: Best Mac N Cheese EVER!!!

Cute!  Reminds me of what some of my students would say over my 30 year teaching career. My first year of teaching, it was 2nd grade.  We had the word "look" on a spelling list.  As the kiddos were copying down their words, one child asked me, "Miss ____, what's that L-O-O-K word?"  I answered "look."  He immediately responded, "I am!"Cat LOL

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Re: Best Mac N Cheese EVER!!!


After enjoying the moment, I'd have a chat about sales tactics with my grandson if he said this....age appropriate.