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Believe QVC or Post Office????

Friday I took a package with a QVC Return Label to my Post Office and was told that the package would be scanned probably Saturday or Monday and the latest. The clerk took the time to explain the whole procedure to me and how it works.

Well It is now Tuesday and it does not show up as being tracked by QVC on my Order Status Page. I called Qvc on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and they said maybe the Post Office missed scanning it and it will still be scanned. I have never had any problem with my local Post Office. What is in it for them to not scan? I am sick with the flu since Saturday and now have to go to the Post Office and talk to the clerk and see what she says. She will probably think I am crazy.

This is the first time I have EVER used the QVC Label and it is a small jiffy bag with a pair of $50.00 earrings.

After this I will NEVER order anything from anyone that I am not sure I will not use. Shipping costs are in the outrageous category now. I am the same woman who had all that trouble with the Black Dooney bag return, LOL and I am disgusted with mail order at this point.

Has it taken this long for your return packages to scan??