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Re: Been off QVC for a while...Prices are so high now!!!

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The prices are ridiculous & you have to pay shipping too. I rarely buy from QVC anymore.

Q's prices always seem to be higher then the other channels.  

True. Oftentimes you see people respond here that "things are up all over!" True. But...I shop around, and I agree, @sunshine 919 , QVC has fallen behind in being competitive during this market. Their prices have sky-rocketed, (for not that special stuff), their service and deliveries, well...that's just a mess now. NOone has been able to figure out what to expect when they place an delays, pre-order on things (or whatever they call it), items sit "in process" for weeeeeeks, and you can't cancel them but you may not want them 2 months later. Then ship fees up and return fees ridiculous.


As compared, to similar "clothing let's say"...Loft, Amazon, Old Navy, Target, Kohl's, Talbots....sales, discounts, free shipping, free returns. Yea, "thing are up all over" but still there are much better buys out there with similar things to Q.


HomeGoods, HobbyLobby, Target, TJ's...even during Covid, where they don't have what they used to, they still have nice inventory from what I've seen with MUCH better pricing on that same "resin" "made in China" and better things compared to Valerie's overpriced stuff.


I DID think the Bethlehem Lights TSV wreath a few months ago was a good deal...and I bought one to replace my 10 y.o. one where the lights were finally going wonky.

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Re: Been off QVC for a while...Prices are so high now!!!

I agree. If I have an HSN coupon, I occasionally pick up something, but with shipping costs charged per item, possible return costs and increased prices, my buying is way down. Locally, I can catch a good sale with no shipping. Easy Pay, which is continually pushed, is not a draw for fashion purchases for me.