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When the hosts/vendors set these bed in a bags up in their homes, do they get to keep them and are they free to them?  What happens to these beds?  Just wondering.


Oh, Ricck just said Jill got to keep the bed.  Well, now I know.  Not a bad gig!

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The "beds" in the bag are just the LINENS.....not the mattresses, springs,  and frames.........

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I bought a bed in a BOX from NN last year just before the pandemic/. Very happy with my purchase BUT beware of what they do not tell you! How are you going to dispose of the old mattress?!


I see several of my neighbors must have done the same as they have mattresses living in their garages. It costs $$$$ extra for our private trash haulers to pick up a mattress. The alternative is to move it to the annual or semi-annual HH town-wide trash collection site, which requires multiple people and a truck!


I was fortunate that my BR is on the 1st floor. DS & DDIL moved it out to my attached garage. HH bulk item collection was just two months later. I called the town, told them I was a Senior and they had someone pick up my mattress curbside. Kind neighbors helped me get it down the driveway to the curb. A lot of effort by a lot of people on my behalf- all to get rid of an old mattress!

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If we needed a mattress hauled away we can either put it on the curb for bi-annual junk pickup which by the time they arrived someone else has usually taken it or call the city and for $25 they will haul it away. Anything people put on the curb (must be within the city timeframe for pickup) is usually gone within hours by people driving buy looking for stuff they can sell or use. By the time the city arrives there's nothing but branches and real junk.

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My city will pick it up for free. You have to call for a date which could take a week or so. It also has to be wrapped in plastic. A mattress bag and a roll of tape will set you back about $7 at Home Depot.
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My city picks up oversized items for free. You are allowed six pickups annually, as part of our trash service and six items can be placed at the curb per pickup.


Certain oversized items are counted as two items, for instance one year I had them pickup a sofa, and it counted as two items of my six that I am allowed to put out. 


I hope that makes sense. (Smile)