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This may be a stupid question but are “As is” candles previously burned? Or is it a ****** shoot...maybe/maybe not?
I really loved Harry’s fall set, and it’s only avail now as is.
Curious if anyone has purchased “as is” candles and what the condition was.
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Good question. I don’t have an answer but I would think it hasn’t been used. I would hope it hasn’t. 

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I purchased a set as is about a year ago.  They had not been lit.  It was a trio of Christmas scents.  I was very pleased.  

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I took a chance on "as is" Homeworx last year and they were perfect.  Don't know if this is the norm or not.

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I have purchased a few "as is" items....mine were always new,

and very nice.  I thought the candles would be gently used but

not so....brand new and lovely!

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@Loveshawaii  I bought some as is set of 4 candles a couple of months ago.  Perfect and not burned.  I think maybe someone didn't like the scents or just changed their mind. 


They arrived perfectly - I would give them a try!

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Thanks to all for your quick and helpful responses!
I will take a chance since you all have had good luck, and because I just love them so much. 😊
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Maybe they were used as a display on set or someone did not like scent.  I would think not burnt yet.


I imagine  some clothes returned as is have been washed or stretched to death!

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It sounds like it could be extra stock to sell. That has been my experience ,as  these are seasonal scents. I have ordered VPH as is and they were fine. I have never ordered clothing as is. I did order shoes twice and a return but ok

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"As is" can be a display to show the various colors it came in or the height. Or it could be that someone received it and it wasn't what they thought it would be (didn't go with their decor like they thought, etc.)