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I enjoy the change of seasons and in no rush to go from one to the other.  I want to enjoy them all.  

My favorite is fall time, but I would not appreciate fall without the other seasons.


We are having a hot hazy summer so far and would appreciate some cooler temps and no smoke from the fires in Canada but I love that is light out longer and everyone busy doing stuff.  More going on and I like that.  Just had a get together yesterday and was fun.

I appreciate something from every season.  My favorite clothes to wear are for fall.  

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Always ready for the Fall, though it's not much of a Fall where I live.  I like cooler/colder weather.  Summers here are way too hot for me.

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My father (who would be 123 this year!) always said that after July 4th the summer was over. And traditionally, right after 4th,  in NYC the windows of the major department stores began changing their window displays from beach wear to fall clothing.

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@on the bay:  Me too.  But I am older and when you're older summer clothing just does not look as good on you as when you are young (and don't know how lucky you are!).  Your body shifts and your size changes and gravity is pulling everything down!  I've always loved Fall clothes even when I was younger.  Boots, tweeds, coats, sweaters, love them all!  And I hate humidity too and where I live it is like a blast furnace of humidity, plus we too have the Canandian smoke in our air.  I say bring it on!  This ole' body needs covering! 

Smiley Tongue

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Life goes by too fast. Focus on today and the current season. Before you know it, you'll be 70, 80, or older (if you're lucky to live that long). 

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@on the bay wrote:

@Mombo1 wrote:

@on the bay wrote:

I was ready for fall since last fall!

@on the bay     Not that I am counting..😉. But there are 93 days until fall.  Summer is my least favorite season... heat, humidity, bugs, allergies...just not for me.  I need cool sweater weather.   


Woman LOL

me too though winter is my favorite and fall the next. Let's keep counting!

Plus I think this has been the slowest year in history already! It has not gone by fast at all to me.

@on the bay    Just starting to feel some relief from the heat....and yes I have been counting.   As of today...There are officially 36 more days until FALL.  🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁

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@LindaSal wrote:

Fall apparel will be all that's presented soon with all the summer clothing that didn't sell on clearance.  It's a vicious circle, Woman LOL

@LindaSal   your right ,  that's all we will see probably at least once a day.  I'm certainly not ready yet we still have some summer left .  Plus summer clothes are my favorite ,  I do however love  fall weather ! 🎃

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Re: Are you ready for fall?

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I also love the fall and the refreshing breezes of autumn ! BUT, I don't want to rush away any of the days on the calendar! I'm trying to embrace the rest of summer -  

Have a wonderful weekend friends, and to those in Southern west coast, 🙏 all is ok- 💝

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With 110 degrees predicted Thursday in Illinois with heat indexes, Yes, Fall can't arrive too soon.