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In Phoenix, it's curbside pickup for items ordered online.  The system works well but I miss browsing. As our numbers are going through the roof, I don't expect this to change any time soon

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@DooneyGal2 wrote:

I have noticed something with the responses  ... almost no one seems to act like it's sad, or something they miss, it's all very matter of fact. 

So sad for how the world is changing and everyone seems to accept it. That's what the lockdown has done, changed the every day simple things, yet also needed at one time, things ... making us more and more socially distant from one another. Wonder sometimes if the way life could be, and was, will ever be again. Don't misunderstand me, I completely understand that precautions are needed... it's just the way everyone seems to readily accept it as a new normal, like they are fine without it, that makes me sad. Praying for normalcy and better times in 2021- stay safe everyone!

@DooneyGal2  It looked to me that people didn't like their libraries being closed. You can actually still get books from there so maybe that's why everyone who answered didn't seem so upset. It isn't in reality 'closed'. No one acts so sad because they know when to be brave and work together to get rid of this thing. That's why it seems like it is being accepted because it will be over. Good think you weren't in WWII in Europe. 

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My library is open with regular business hours. Masks are required as well as social distancing.

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My library is open 6 days a week 10 am to 6 pm. The branch I work in allows 12 people in at a time for up to two hours. We have 4 computers available to use (down from 15), printing and copies are currently free up to 50 pages and everything is quarrantined 4 days and checked in on day 5.  Most people come in to get their holds and leave and we do have curbside available.  Everyone is required to wear a mask and social distance. Employess have a station for approximately 3-4 hours where we are the only ones at that station. Everything is clean, santitized constantly and organized. Many people choose to come in to get their holds  (I think it gives them a sense of normalcy) rather than do curbside. Many people have also told us how thankful they are we are open. I am thankful to get paid, have a job I love, and be able to go to it and have some contact with other people. I live in Cincinnati and our library ROCKS!

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@Wobin When did you graduate from U of I ? A very, very close friend also graduated from Ames as a librarian in the late 1960's to early 70's. She's in DesMoines. 

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@proudlyfromNJ  I'm definitely concerned with things getting better (pretty sure I said that in my OP).

There was no need to say that, typical of the mind speak I see lately sigh. 

I do want everyone to be safe, I thank God every day my 87 year old Mom isn't around for this, she passed away in 2015 of Dementia ~ my heart would be breaking every day worrying about her and not feeling I could safely see her. It's been 10 long months now since this all started, at first it was about flattening the curve, now it's about being totally rid of the virus which could be a very very long haul. There's no guarantee with a vaccine. I know many, many friends that are severely depressed trying to stay safe and my heart goes out to them.

For me, in the past the library wasn't just literally about taking out a book.

It was going to the library, being able to peruse through the aisles, and sections, sit and read a newspaper (yes there are still newspapers lol) or magazines, look at the special displays, have the incredible access to their computers and printers, go to Book Sales, I could go on and on. Who knows if any of that will be, again.


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@BirkiLady wrote:

@Wobin When did you graduate from U of I ? A very, very close friend also graduated from Ames as a librarian in the late 1960's to early 70's. She's in DesMoines. 

I graduated in the mid-70s.  I did not know Iowa State also had a Masters program in Library Science.  

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@DooneyGal2 I very much miss the library as I liked to take my time enjoying browsing for books and looking for music.  


We have curbside service which I haven't used yet.  I do have a list of books I want to read, as well as music I want to listen to, so I hope to get back to it by March or April.  Things are too busy here right now.