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Re: Anybody Notice a Sudden Influx of "New" Posters?

I have been on this site for quite some time, and go on a few times per week, but often don't post, especially if what I have to say has already been said. 

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Re: Anybody Notice a Sudden Influx of "New" Posters?

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I've noticed that a few of those low post count members who registered some time ago sound very similar to someone who recently said he's (she's?) not posting here anymore.  One who just started posting recently starts the same types of threads too.  What a coincidence!  Lose one poster and pick up several more just like him/her.


I wonder if the moderators bother to check IP addresses to look for any patterns.  They seem pretty busy, so maybe not.


I think there is a pattern of people who come here, get banned (or simply wear out their welcome with their hateful and know it all attitudes about everything under the sun), then resurface as a 'new' poster, over and over again. 


Some of them are able to hide their identity for awhile, others, I see through who they really are, right away. 


I wish Q could take more time, and keep those that have been banned, off forever.





When a "new" poster starts out creating contentious threads that your average newbie just wouldn't, and they snark it right out of the "first five" posts...I know it's not a "new" poster. 


FWIW, there have been a few posters who were actual new posters at one time that were not necessarily double-nics or alter egoes, but have been aggressive pot-stirrers right from post #1. They may not technically be t-rolls but I consider their posting aims to be very similar.

I've been on forums where posters have several nics and talk to each other. They agree and support each other. I'm not easily surprised....



Now that's a bit scary when a person has several nics and they talk to "themselves".....sounds like a scenario from a bad horror movie!


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It does, @Spurt. They must have a lot of time on their hands and it's real creepy.

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Re: Anybody Notice a Sudden Influx of "New" Posters?

@Spurt wrote:

This is JMHO but I think some people get tired of being snarked at and criticized when they give a different opinion or feedback or criticism of anything connected with QVC, so they create "an alter ego" to be as snarky as they can to get even,. and they don't care if this nick gets banned by the Mods, they'll just create a new nick......


And I see a pattern how it hits just certain topics where certain people hang out.......... Yep, very interesting!   But a word to the wise, its against the rules and we've heard stories from friends of these people - who have a friendship beyond the boards, how QVC banned some of these people for good and wont even won't let them shop on the site, although I don't know how strict the Mods are with the current enforcement of this rule......but the rule is out there..........  


On the other hand there are some legit new posters who were lurkers and were scared off for awhile............and finely got brave enough to be comfortable and write their post those i say 



 There are many nice and friendly folks around...................................



Although you may also encounter...............


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Wow!  What do people do that is so bad they are banned from shopping at QVC?  Must be pretty awful.  My husband would like to see me banned.  Smiley Wink

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Re: Anybody Notice a Sudden Influx of "New" Posters?

I love new posters that seem to know everything about everyone because they read here for awhile before they decided to post.


When I was a new poster, it was awhile before I started new threads and then it was rarely.  Awhile ago there were a number of newbies and returnees that told us everything they could about their daily lives. One in particular started about 10 threads in one day. 


I suspect the returnees were banned under the name they were using so returned to an old name.  Some of the newbies created new accounts.