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Re: Antonella

What’s up with everybody, it is just fun to go crazy fun once in a while, keeps us young.

she is a delightful lady!🎈

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Re: Antonella

I have adjusted to her new color, guess it pleases her. Saw Suzanne on other channel the other day and did not recognize her until she started talking, really extreme blond now.
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Re: Antonella

@travone wrote:

I saw her for the first time yesterday with Carolyn Pollack.  I think she went too doesn't look right because she is so tanned.  I think if her tan wasn't so dark it would look better.

@travone.  Speaking of the contrast with her skin tone, how did you like the glaringly white teeth?  I was almost blinded by them.

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Re: Antonella

@raz wrote:

what happen to her hair..   doesnt look like her ...she needs to go back to darker hair

"She needs to ..."  Why?  Because you said so?

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Re: Antonella

@razPoor Antonella looks bad as a blonde.  My husband said it is surely a wig.  We both are of the opinion it  has to be a wig, could it be?

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Re: Antonella

I do prefer Antonella with dark hair.  I feel it is more becoming on her.  This blonde shade, IMHO, ages her for some reason!

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Re: Antonella

State opinions on her hair color all you want but it's her hair and she can do what she likes.  

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Re: Antonella

Having one mean spirited thread about Antonella wasn't enough so someone had to start this one???

I am sure everyone that doesn't care for her hair is perfect and would be totally open to posting HD pictures on this super friendly forum so everyone could chime in with our precious opinions!!!



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Re: Antonella

Yet another thread on Antonella's hair...(sigh) Smiley Indifferent

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Re: Antonella



I agree!  Sometimes, we just need to shake things up.  Step out of our comfort zone.  Have a little fun.  She lost weight,  she's dressing more stylishly now and the blonde hair and lighter makeup is just part of the "new"  Antonella.